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Children's Franchises

Making Play into Profits with Child Franchises

Build upon a billion dollar industry just for kids.

  • Over 73 million children under the age of 18 live in the United States.
  • Whether it is educational needs, or simply the need to have fun, children’s franchises are necessary for our youth’s development. What parent doesn’t want their child to succeed?
  • With school budgets cutting accelerated programs, as well as activities for all ages, there is a need to fill. With a wide variety to choose from, there is a children’s franchise waiting for you, many with low start up costs. Sometimes knowing that you can make a difference in a child’s life is fulfilling enough, but why not turn a profit doing it?

Featured Franchise and Business Opportunities
Math Monkey Knowledge Centers
Child Education services is a growing market. Educate yourself by learning more about this education industry.
The Tutoring Club
- The Tutoring Club Children's Franchise
Standard Franchise and Business Opportunities
Innovative brain training centers. Activities that empower anyone of any age to learn faster and easier.
Huntington Learning Centers
- Huntington Learning Centers Children's Franchise
Fun Bus
- Fun Bus Children's Franchise
Educational Outfitters
America's leading provider of school uniforms, dress code apparel, corporate logo wear, and logo fund-raising programs.
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Math Monkey Knowledge Centers
The Tutoring Club
Huntington Learning Centers
Fun Bus
Educational Outfitters

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