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$150 Billion Dollar Market Professional handyman and home improvement services.

House Doctors House Doctors
House Doctors

Take Advantage of the "Do-It-For-Me" Market. Team Up With The Leader: HouseDoctors.

Thank you for your interest in HouseDoctors. We have an incredible opportunity for you in professional handyman and home improvement services.

Age is catching up with the Boomers who made Do-It-Yourself(DIY) so successful. Instead of getting up on a ladder to install that new ceiling fan, they'd now rather pay someone to do it. This shift has created the skyrocketing Do-It-For-Me(DIFM) marketing and it's huge.

Over 80-million Boomers have turned 60. Add dual income families with time constraints and upwardly mobile young professionals and you have a North American market that will spend over US$150-billion annually on home repair services. That's right, US$150-billion. Growth in DIFM is so explosive, The Wall Street Journal identified it as one of the fastest-growing franchise categories.

So you've definitely found the right franchise category and, in HouseDoctors, you've found the right franchise partner. Why are we so confident about that? As with all successful business, the key is the business model. If you have a superior business model, you'll realize success. Invest in a so-so business model--and no matter how hard you work--you will struggle.

So let's strip away all the franchising sales hoopla and take a look at how the HouseDoctors business model has you poised for success.

House Doctors
House Doctors

HouseDoctors Business Model Will Propel Your Success.

A truism in sales and marketing is that you have to know what your customers want to buy. HouseDoctors knows exactly how customers shop, select, and value handyman services.

Our business model is based on this market insight. Which means from day one, you'll be selling what and how your customers want to buy.

Our Professional approach to the industry will enable you to immediately differentiate yourself from the competition and carve your niche out of the "handyman" marketplace. But it doesn't stop there; property owners, whether residential or commerical appreciate our unique ability to take care of most home improvements. The potential is huge. That's the HouseDoctors difference.

Organizationally, you'll be light years ahead, too. HouseDoctors understands your desire to run a business. Many of our most successful franchisees have come from the corportate world and have no desire to swing a hammer. Our propriety training and support gives you the organizational structure to effectively manage, market, and grow your franchise.

House Doctors
House Doctors

What House Doctors. Can Offer You...

You'll be backed by one of the strongest, most-experienced Franchise Development Teams in the business. HouseDoctors was one of the original pioneers in the DIFM category. The wealth of knowledge available to you is truly staggering. We're concerned with one thing and one thing only--your success.

  • The Strength and Brand Awareness of an International Network
  • A Start Up Package (All the materials you need to get you up and running)
  • A Fast Start Program (A checklist designed to start you off quickly)
  • Demographic Analysis (A complete analysis of your territory)
  • Leading Industry Training (HouseDoctors has been training franchisees for many years)
  • Successful Business System (We have over 100 franchisees in Nort America)
  • Leading Ongoing Operational Support (Built on years of experience)
  • National and Local Marketing Programs (Strong creative marketing programs)
  • Leading Industry Software and Technology (Handybooks is a leader in the industry)
  • National Convention / Franchisees Networking Opportunities
  • Mentoring by Successful Franchisees (We connect you with a successful franchisee)
  • Best Network Practices Data (Data is collected and shared from the network)
  • Intranet and Web Resources (With a strong web presence and on-line scheduling you are very much at the leading edge of technology)
  • And Much, Much More!
House Doctors

  • Year Established: 1995
  • Total Units Operating: 104
  • Cash Investment Required: $50,000
  • Total Investment Required: $85,000-$112,000
  • Minimum Net Worth Required: $250,000
  • Franchise Fee: $49,000
  • Financial Assistance Offered: YES/SBA
  • Training and Support: YES

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